Shared Hosting
999Tk /Year
Regular 1999 Tk/Year
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  • CPU
    1 Cores
  • RAM
    2 GB
  • DISK
    5 GB NVMe SSD
    200 GB Traffic
    2 Addon Domains
Wordpress Hosting
1799Tk /Year
Regular 3600 Tk/Year
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  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    4 GB
  • DISK
    10 GB NVMe SSD
    UNLIMITED Traffic
    5 Addon Domains
Reseller Hosting
4799Tk /Year
Regular 9600 Tk/Year
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  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    6 GB
  • DISK
    Unlimited NVMe SSD
    UNLIMITED Traffic
    UNLIMITED Domains
dns redundant

Redundant DNS

DNS is a mission-critical service for every enterprise. When DNS fails, or is taken down in an attack, the websites, applications and online services that depend on it effectively disappear from the internet taking revenue and brand reputation down with it. Redundancy at the DNS layer is now a requirement to practically eliminate the risk of application failure due to DNS outages or attacks.

Remote Daily Backups

Our remote backup solution and application was developed with businesses in mind. We protect your important data from disaster automatically, conveniently and securely. It uses the latest technology, security and encryption techniques to automatically upload your data from your Laptop, Workstation or Server to our secured remote cloud infrastructure via your internet connection.


monitoring 24/7/365

24/7/365 Monitoring

We provide you with the same 24/7 monitoring of your network and servers that you would get from a world-class IT staff — at a fraction of the cost!

Why Choose Satt Host SSD Shared Hosting?

For the last 5 years, our team has been committed to helping you drive your business and reach your goals.

We strongly believe that we will provide you a great hosting package because we know the nuance of what a web design company, a website or a robust web applications needs. Because we are a leading web design firm in Bangladesh providing quality web design and web development solutions for the past five years. From this vast experience we can 100% recommend a hassle free Web Hosting solutions.

Easy 1-click-installer

400+ ready-to-install apps powered by Softaculous

Your Linux Shared Hosting order includes Softaculous, a script library that automates the installation of web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more.

Superfast Websites

Super-quick page loads

Your websites are assured of exceptional performance with SattHost's Linux Shared Hosting Plans, thanks to our carefully designed Intel powered hardware that deliver fantastic power, reliability and efficiency.

Website Migrations

Move your hosting to us, with help from our experts

Your account manager will help you migrate your current website on cPanel hosting with any other provider to your SattHost Linux Shared Hosting order - completely free!

Free cPanel

Linux Web Hosting Management simplified

Simplify the process of web hosting with our FREE cPanel offering. WIth its ease-of-use and quality features, managing your website is now made effortless.

Free SSL
SNI enabled

SSL installation made easy

SNI enables a server to present multiple certificates on the same IP address. Hence with the help of SNI you can install a SSL certificate on your domains without purchasing a dedicated IP.

24x7 Support

Your websites are our priority, we are here to serve you

Our dedicated team of Linux Web Hosting experts work round-the-clock to ensure your business does not face any disruptions.

Enhanced Security

CloudFlare Protection for your business from threats

Your Linux Hosting plan includes SSH access, email protection by ClamAV, Password protected folders, Hotlink Protection and Leech Protection are all included to strengthen security. Also with Cloudflare support, we make your website faster and secure from DDos attacks.

Easy Upgrades

Increase resources as per your need

Need more resources? Don't let that interrupt your work as you can seamlessly upgrade from Business Plan to Pro Plan within minutes. If you wish to you upgrade to other web hosting products such as Reseller Hosting or VPS, we can assist you with our Free cPanel Migrations.

SSH Access
Secure Shell Access

Access your Shared Hosting over an encrypted channel

Manage files, execute commands and operate your Linux Shared Web Hosting with secure remote access via SSH.

Hosting Technical Specifications

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Software PLUS
Additional Software
PHP 5.5/5.6/7.2/7.4
MySQL 5.6, 5.7 Zend Engine
phpMyAdmin 4.6.6 Zend Optimizer
Python 2.6.6 FTPES Supported Zend Guard Loader
PostgreSQL MSSQL Stored Procedures ionCube Loader
All Specs
All SpecsAll Specs

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about our SSD Shared Web Hosting plans. If you would like more information, advice, or assistance in choosing a web hosting plan that will suite your needs, please contact us today to speak with one of web hosting experts.

What is Shared Hosting?
  • Shared Hosting is a popular option for any personal or business website that is just getting started online. It is sometimes called shared services or virtual hosting as multiple websites share the same server, thus reducing the cost for all.

Is purchase of a new domain necessary to buy a Linux SSD Shared Hosting Plan?
  • Purchasing a new domain name is not necessary with your Linux Shared Hosting Plan. You can use your existing domain with our Linux Web Hosting Service without having to purchase a new one. During the checkout flow, you just have to select the option of using an existing domain name and you are good to go.

How to manage my Databases and Websites on SattHOst's Linux SSD Web Hosting Plan?
  • SattHost's Linux SSD Shared Hosting services include cPanel, the most popular and powerful Web Hosting Control Panel. Now managing your databases on phpMyAdmin and adding or removing email accounts can be done within the cPanel.

What are the number of websites that I can host on a Shared Hosting Plan?
  • With the LIGHT Shared Web Hosting Plan, you can host only 2 website/domain. However, on the SWIFT and TURBO plans you can host multiple websites/domains according to the plan you choose.

Is there any money back guarantee with the Linux Web Hosting services?
  • SattHost has a 30-day money back guarantee with all of the Shared Hosting Plans.

Does Shared Web Hosting include Email Hosting as well?
  • Yes, it's included. All of our Shared Hosting plans come along with email services through cPanel Webmail. The storage for these emails is shared with your website hosting space and you can create an unlimited number of email hosting accounts. However, if you wish to use a comprehensive email suite with chat and collaboration tools, you can opt for Google Business Email.

Is an upgrade possible from my current Linux Shared Hosting Plan?
  • Yes, you surely can! Upgrading to a higher shared web hosting plan is easy and hassle-free. Our technical team can help you out with it.

Is the subdivision of my Linux Hosting package possible for reselling it?
  • SattHost doesn't permit the subdivision of your Shared Web Hosting package. However, you can host multiple websites/domains on a shared web hosting plan, if the plan you purchase support it. To be able to resell it to your customers you would need to buy our Reseller Hosting, which will let you create and resell custom web hosting plans.